Data Science with R

Welcome to the free and open source data science course offered by Rsquared Academy. Here you can explore our flagship course, Data Science with R, absolutely free. The course is developed on GitHub, rendered using Hugo-theme-learn and blogdown and deployed on Netlify.


  • Introduction to R & RStudio
  • Importing Data into R
  • Data Wrangling with R
  • Data Visualization with R
  • Introduction to RMarkdown
  • Databases & SQL
  • Introduction to Git & GitHub
  • Descriptive & Inferential Statistics
  • Linear Regression
  • Logistic Regression
  • Decision Tree
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Market Basket & RFM Analysis

Course Logistics

The course includes:

  • interactive tutorials built using learnr
  • interactive web apps built using shiny
  • slides built using revealjs
  • video demos
  • quiz
  • assignments
  • code & data sets


Please send your feedback or suggestions to or file an issue in the GitHub repo.